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About Me


Here are a few details about me.

I like to ride motorcycles, jetski, horseback ride, go boating, camp, take a roadtrip to anywhere, cook, watch my Cowboys, NASCAR, hockey games and women's soccer, swim and hang out with my kids. I also write songs and poetry so check out some of my writings.  And nothing makes me happier than SHOPPING!! So...


I know what you are thinking...
What's up with the hair??

I have lived all over but basically grew up in Southern California. I got married and moved to Dallas and lived there for many years. Since then, I have pretty much migrated to southern Indiana and have been here three and a half years now although  I do travel a lot between Atlanta, Dallas, Florida, and Indianapolis.

1983 was good to me


This is little ole me now 


Some of my pet peeves are:

Bad spellers and grammatically incorrect sentences. (Although my English professors always gave me crap for saying yall. Probably sounded funny coming from a Californian.)

Guys who pick their noses in their cars because they think other drivers cannot see them. UGH!

Pantyhose and Bras. Invented by some lame man who said, "Here ladies! Wear these and you will look good." (Of course, all the ladies went along with it)

Kids not in seatbelts. Yes, this vigilante mom once chased a mother down whose child was hanging out the window.

People who do not stop for funeral processions. No respect.

Co-workers who cannot clean up after themselves when you have to share desks.

Roommates who borrow your stuff and don't return it or simply help themselves to whatever of yours they want.

Nail biters. Nothing like the sound of rats in your ears. Ugh!!

Channel surfers. Pick a freaking show already!

People who cannot park in a parking space straight. I thought there was some sort of driving/parking test you had to take first to be qualified to drive.

Messy smokers. You know the ones who are always dropping ashes wherever and burning holes in everything. And while you are at it, empty the darn ashtray!

Fat people who order everything on the menu loaded with every condiment along with a medium diet soda. Ummm yeeaah... the diet soda just negated ALL the calories!
Doors that are left open and lights left on in rooms.  How hard is it to turn the light off and close the door behind you?
The spelling for the word cool as kewl.  Some things should not be legal.  





UPS Ford #88 - Go DJ!

Some of my favorite movies:

Princess Bride
Steel Magnolias
A League Of Their Own
Finding Nemo
Legally Blonde
The Wedding Planner
Bring It On
Better Than Chocolate
But I'm A Cheerleader
Calamity Jane
Singing In The Rain
Summer Stock
Schindler's List
Total Recall
The Breakfast Club
Pretty In Pink
Christmas Story
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Chasing Amy
Mad Max Movies
Star Wars Trilogy
Bob Hope Road Movies
Dances With Wolves
Top Gun
Miss Congeniality
Office Space
Almost Famous
Sound Of Music
Any Musical


Some of my favorite music:
Indigo Girls
Sheryl Crow
Melissa Ferrick
Alanis Morissette
Beth Hart
Alison Krauss
Susan Tedeschi
Tori Amos
Vonda Shepard



Brandi Chastain #6
Position: Defender
Hometown: San Jose, California
College: Santa Clara University
Club: San Jose CyberRays (WUSA)
Previous WWC: 1991, 1999

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