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My Poems

Mary Colleen


Inside my womb you grew
We definitely knew
Growing each day
I'd talk to you and say
That I love you

You felt fine all along
You seemed so sure and strong
Tumbling about
Almost ready to come out
To my arms you belonged

And then we got a sign
Not everything was fine
It was your little heart
Just wouldn't play the part
Just couldn't tow the line

I still can see your face
It fills the empty place
Those innocent eyes
Your tiny little cry
Feel God's amazing grace

And now you're in his arms
Free from pain and harm
Filled only with his love
And wonder up above
You have conquered the storm

And someday I'll be there
And see you in his care
I'll surely run to you
And tell you I love you
And forever we will share

Our Daughter, Our Angel

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