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March Scavenger Hunt 2005

On March 19, 2005  the MOJO world was turned upside down when 10 four man teams participated in the Big Biggie Scavenger Hunt. Our team consisting of Iago, FlyKevin, LucyGoose, and myself  had a blast as we stormed Louisville finding our items and performing our stunts for the judges. LucyGoose took one for the team as she ate an entire box of macaroni and cheese along with all the ingredients one by one. Iago came through as he held raw eggs in his mouth. FlyKevin was a trooper as he proceeded to be dropped off bound and gagged at Fourth Street Live, paraded around in an aluminum foil bikini, and downed a few raw eggs. I was happy to contribute by wearing a daring tampon vest, and tickling Kevin in my underwear. Overall, we placed 7th but the memories of all the fun will last a lifetime. Special thanks to all my team members and to Ryan for organizing the event!









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