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My Celebrity Summer

This has been the summer of A-list celebrities. I first met Orlando Bloom several weeks ago. He was very nice and polite with a hint of an English accent. I thought to myself that he was a bit scrawny and skinny for a guy who plays an elf. I also thought that maybe he was one of those people who seem to look better on camera then in person. When I saw that his assistant had his remote control airplane flown into town and was picking it up that was my opportunity to ask them if they needed a place to fly it. They were very interested and thus begun a relationship that was to be the beginning of a summer to remember. We exchanged phone numbers and I left to await their call.
Sure enough the next afternoon they called and asked us to meet them to lead the way. The plan was for them to follow us, as they were not familiar with the area. In the car were FlyKevin, my seven year old daughter Courtney, and my fourteen year old son Ryan. My son is a huge LOTR fan and was basically in shock that this was actually happening. As we drove along, he kept asking me if they were still following us.
We arrived at the private airfield of which Orlando and his assistant were impressed. He had brought along his dog with whom my daughter immediately felt a kinship with. My kids and I sat and watched Orlando as he flew his plane around for a couple of hours. He and Kevin hit it off and talked plane speak the entire time. When he was finally done, he told us thank you and graciously posed for a few pictures. That was certainly one of the more memorable days of my life.
Meanwhile, back at base camp, I was able to meet the entire film crew. Everyone was nice and super friendly. One of the directors liked me so much he insisted I be in the movie. He asked me several times and I finally told him I would do it.
Kirsten Dunst showed up and I helped her on numerous occasions. She was cute and fun but skinny with no ass or chest. I was working while they rehearsed and blocked scenes. At one point I was reading her lips as she fake talked on a cell phone. When she was finished rehearsing, I saw her step into a bathroom. I knew she was alone in there so I ran in there and pretended to fix my hair and lipstick while she peed. When she came out to wash her hands, I asked her if the line she was saying was “I am staring at his hot ass.” She laughed and said she liked my line better and would change it just for me. Needless to say I left the bathroom with a smile on my face.
Days of shooting arrived and I had my casting call at 11 a.m. I was nervous at first because I wasn't really sure what they wanted me to do. As soon as I arrived, I was whisked away to the rear alley to shoot a scene with Kirsten. Cameron Crowe was directing and asked me to walk directly across Kirsten's path as she walked down the alley. When we were done Cameron patted me on the back and said good job. It's funny because Cameron Crowe is a big time movie director/writer/producer but he dresses, looks, and acts like a big goofy kid. He always had a smile on his face, called me by my name, and said hello whenever he saw you. He is very good nature and gracious to no end.
My other part in the movie, which was filmed at a local hotel, was as a desk clerk named Maureen. After that day, the cast and crew kept teasing me and calling me Maureen. It was boring as we rehearsed the scene and filmed several times. At one point, Cameron called me over to discuss a script line to which I replied that when we rehearsed it weeks ago the line was such and such. The script supervisor busted out laughing and Cameron had a sheepish grin on his face and told me to give him five. It was definitely a good day.
I worked the next day and it was crazy with groupies and autograph seekers hanging around and trying to sneak in. Security was tight but Orlando was cool and went outside to appease the masses by signing autographs for a while. When it was mealtime the cinematographer asked me to join them and it was nice to hang out with the crew.
On the final day of shooting, I decided it was my time to act like a groupie. I had to go out of town and by the time I returned I knew most everyone would be gone. I found a cast and crew list on the internet and printed it out. I then proceeded to call Andee and have her meet me so we could eat lunch with the crew. She arrived and we sat around waiting to see who would show up. It was fun getting everyone who thought they weren't important to sign my paper. Kirsten walked up and I asked her to sign for me. I introduced her to Andee and she apologized for not remembering how to spell my name. I thought to myself it's a wonder she remembers how to spell her own name.
We decided to wait around and see if Cameron would show up. The next thing we know he is running across the street, trips, and goes flying about fifteen feet. He got up and was red-faced as he heard me laughing. We went over to him and I asked him to sign my sheet. He did so gladly and gave me a hug and said thank you.
The whole experience has left me with a newfound respect for the men and women who are the heart and soul of the movies we enjoy. The people have left but the friendships remain. See ya in the movies.

July 31, 2004

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